First Out The Gate

This is not a race, except perhaps against myself. I have had this account and name for a few years now and never got around to actually writing anything. I came up with the name Anarchist Bakery because about six years ago I was living on disability, running a peer support group with a partner and learning how to bake sour dough bread for the first time. I got the recipe for the starter off the internet and it worked. There is so much online that is questionable in terms of value or veracity. I am active in the field of seeking to create alternatives to psychiatric drugging and other forms of forced treatment that harm many many people. The kind of harm we often hear about in the Mad Pride, Radical Psych, or Anti-Psych movements is often the direct kind of hurt people locked up or strapped down experience. I have escaped such experience. What I have known is the fear that the doctors I was taken to as a child, or who I encountered as an adult, would find out how truly strange and frightening my internal experience was. Since my contact with MindFreedom International and the establishment of MindFreedom Nelson in Nelson BC Canada, I have gained confidence and discovered there are many who share experiences that are not the same as mine, but are similar enough that I do not need to feel like an alien, completely alone. MindFreedom Nelson is actually a blog and website on here I believe, created by another member of our core group. This is my first post and thus short. More will follow.

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