Thinking about the challenges of making it through life let alone getting off or staying of psych drugs or avoiding the psychiatric system.

For the past four or five years I have read many articles, posts and blogs about getting off and staying off psychiatric drugs and striving to avoid the psychiatric system and its perspectives on what constitutes ethical and effective care. I have also written my own bits about what my own experience has been. At present I am capable of making what appear to be independent and sound decisions about my own care and what that looks like. Some of us are not supported in managing their own lives in this way. Usually when I get to this point in writing about this problem, I end up writing down the same track over and over again and it starts to feel rather old.

I suffered a brain injury when I was a child and also come from a family that was deeply impacted by child sexual abuse and all that comes with it. Many of my family members have lived with trauma and its after effects for years and the best we can do is simply move forward in whatever way we can with the best strategies and attitudes that we can. I grew up with the labels histrionic, melodramatic and narcissistic somehow lodging themselves in my brain. To be honest, those words were not in general use in my family, and we had reasons to avoid psychiatrists and psychiatric drugs. I did not know those reasons as a child, but they provided a strong value in certain members of my family that kept me safer than if they had not held those values. When I suffered brain injury and catatonia as a preteen I was briefly put on benzos but my family got me off. They did not force me to continue seeing a psychiatrist who I only remember vaguely but who I strongly disliked.

I grew up and partied to avoid many internal experiences that made me want to ask for help, but I was afraid. In my early twenties I found recovery from drugs and alcohol for a time and sought help for emotional surges and perceptual experiences I had no way of really sharing. I was again fortunate that I was not labelled or drugged.

This is at present just the beginning of a free flow expression of experience that I am hoping will begin to help me present what this site is really supposed to be about. I am an anarchist and a feminist. I am trans* and proud of who I am. I am active in a number of intersecting communities that experience multiple and overlapping oppressions.

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