Fantasy Prone Personality

Does the title of this blog sound interesting to you? I remember my youth, and my idealism, before learning to recognize phrases like this one as warning signs that someone is looking at something about another’s reality deciding it is not reality. The sensations that come with labels such as this one may differ for others, but for me, I feel smaller, under the microscope, and a large part of me gets reduced to something of less value. This could be seen as a simple difference between a scientific view point and an artistic viewpoint. Yet science has been used for centuries against artists and dreamers and mystics. If it does not make sense to the business man or the scientist, if it does not generate money, it is inherently of less worth. Things that are of less worth can surely be put to use in some way that will generate some capital. Label someone with a name that tells them they have a problem that must be explained by someone knowledgeable in the complex systems that control our world at this time… and watch them give their power away. I did. I offered my personal power to anyone who was willing to listen. And I was genuinely confused and hurt, even before I hit upon the strategy of using my power of imagination and creativity to invite others to create my reality for me. In a big way, it was a sell out. Me selling out me because I did not understand much of the context I was born into or the world that I inherited. We do not actually inherit a world however. As Indigenous people say, “We borrow the world from our children and grandchildren”. When I started hearing things like that, my existence started making more sense.

I have always been able to create amazingly complex scenarios and worlds in my head. They often seemed to exist outside and beyond me. And I am aware that this played a role in my confusion and in the adventures I had lost within the maze of psychiatry. I am still finding my way out.

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Prone Personality

      1. I really have trouble believing there is really anything that can be considered “work” in my life. At least in terms of something more than “shovelling snow” type work…

      2. Hard for me to remember that really… There are a lot of people in my life (feels like the majority, but might not be) who do not value any kind of healing work. And they certainly do not value it if it means that I am resting and healing on my own time, not on their time.

      3. Something that I’m starting to see. And also that some of the things that I’m doing for my healing journey are good things to share. So, working on that on a more broad level.

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