Walking on a Windy Day in April

Springtime where I live brings wind and sun and rain. Sometimes it brings snow, and this morning on my way to work I saw snow half way down the mountainside. I live in a part of the world where years ago government and power corporations sold our water rights away so even though we are now one of the richest water places in the world, there are dams across many of our rivers and private for profit power projects on our creeks. Many of us have demonstrated and carried on decades long campaigns to retain the original beauty and wonder of the place we live in. I happen to come from a culture that does not value the intrinsic beauty and worth of natural living landscapes. We are a culture of consumption and predation.

As a child, I read our literature and found the people who care about the things I was born knowing were deeply valuable beyond their worth in dollars. I can hardly begin to address the countering movement that has risen like a groundswell from among my people and many others, to stand against the pillage and rapine of capitalism. Today, the cherry trees are in blossom and i walked in the wind and took photographs of the cherry blossoms as I have done on previous years. I am one person who cares. I see evidence in my days online and off that the resistance to the corporate control of our world and human lives grows day by day. It is this knowledge as I observe, that brings comfort on windy days in April, when the world renews herself, and the water flows freely from the ground and feeds all the living creatures that spring forth from the rich earth of the mountainsides and valleys.

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