Just Touching In

I have not been here in many months. There is much that I think about posting, but little I actually get past the point of the thoughts passing through my awareness or discussing a topic with friends or family. Last night I participated in a community discussion on Power, Equality and Justice. I was incredibly open. One of my instructors in my graduate studies program was mentioned, Vikki Reynolds. I am not sure of the spelling. My wounding through the psychiatrization of my reality over the past fourteen years was fully activated last night and I ended up talking about the intersectionality of oppression, hidden disabilities, the fact that many of us have much about us that is hidden, and that the response to the hatred and fear that haters are increasingly trying to disseminate can be resisted through creating tapestries of stories about our lives and how we have individually and collectively resisted oppression. Subversive stories  are one of the most powerful tools for fighting oppression. They provide hope and alternative outcomes. They open space for something new to enter in, or for something new to gestate. I am tired of my isolation. I am tired of my fear controlling my life. I am through with letting the small dreams be all that is allowable within my being. I want to learn how to speak up and out. I want to believe that when people say they like what I say, and they want to hear my story, that they really mean it. I want to use my education as a tool for creating opportunities for others to discover their stories and how together we can all be agents for positive change in our world, and through that work, reclaim the futures that trauma and oppression have stolen from us.

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